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Welcome to IMA Dashboard, an ongoing effort to measure various aspects of the Museum's performance. We welcome your comments on our progress in serving the IMA's mission. To navigate the Dashboard in particular areas, the tabs at the top of the screen drop down to allow for more detail. The goal of the Dashboard is to seek to quantify and report out on areas of activity of general interest to museum observers and to particular interest to museum studies specialists, colleagues, and patrons.

2011 Number of New Acquisitions

works of art

2011 Number of New Acquisitions

The total number of works of art acquired by the IMA in 2011.

This figure is based on the number of works accessioned by the IMA since January 1, 2011.

The IMA maintains a Permanent Collection, Study Collection, Miller House and Garden Collection, and Lilly House Collection. These collections are continuously evaluated to identify areas to strengthen and to ensure works acquired are consistent with the mission of the Museum and guided by the plans of the appropriate curatorial department.

Numerous factors must take place before an object is acquired, including the establishment of provenance, a free and clear title, and a preliminary examination of each work of art.

Works can be acquired by gift or bequest, by purchase or by transfer or exchange within the collections.

Each proposed acquisition is approved by the Director for presentation at the Museum’s Collections Committee meetings. The resulting recommendation are finally presented to the Museum’s Board of Governor’s for approval.

In recent years, the IMA has acquired hundreds of works of art in all areas of its collection, further enhancing the depth and breadth of its representation of the world's art. The acquisitions span a broad range of cultures and time periods.

IMA Collections

Title Artist
Addendum to Pop Watts, Robert
Tea & Coffee Piazza Service Alessi S.p.A.
Red Veil chair Tord Boontje
Blue Bench (BB97) Sofa Maarten van Severen
Aio sugar bowl with lid and spoon Ronan Bouroullec
Aio bowl Ronan Bouroullec
Aio mug 01 Ronan Bouroullec
Aio bowl Ronan Bouroullec
Four Table Kartell US, Inc.
Diana E table Konstantin Grcic
Diana F table Konstantin Grcic
Diana A table Konstantin Grcic
Agaricon table lamp LucePlan S.p.A.
Globlow floor lamp
Netsurfer computer workstation
playsuit, jacket and dress Claire McCardell
playsuit Claire McCardell
dress Claire McCardell
jacket Claire McCardell
poster paper dress "Rocket" Harry Gordon
dress Azzedine Alaïa
dress Azzedine Alaïa
skirt Miuccia Prada
John Jeffries M.D. Russell, John
Untitled Francis, Sam
Untitled (Portrait) Francis, Sam
Untitled Francis, Sam
Self-Portrait Francis, Sam
Untitled Moses, Ed
Untitled (Triptych) Wool, Christopher
Philippe Halsman at a Dinner in his Honor Dianora Niccolini
Couple at a Drinking Fountain, New York World's Fair Dianora Niccolini
Lisette Model Talking to Cornell Capa Dianora Niccolini
Nun, New York World's Fair Dianora Niccolini
Weegee Taking Photo of Model Dianora Niccolini
Child Asleep in Stroller, New York World's Fair Dianora Niccolini
Weegee Dianora Niccolini
Weegee at World Trade Fair, Flushing, NY Dianora Niccolini
Untitled (Pregnant Female Nude) Dianora Niccolini
Untitled (Female Nude Climbing Rock Face) Dianora Niccolini
Untitled (Female Nude on Parapet) Dianora Niccolini
Male Nude - Solarized Dianora Niccolini
Kraige Back Bending - Solarized Dianora Niccolini
Untitled (Male Nude, Back View with Hoop) Dianora Niccolini
Untitled (Male Nude - Two Frames) Dianora Niccolini
Ricky Dianora Niccolini
Stretching Dianora Niccolini
Dieter's Chest and Hand Dianora Niccolini
Untitled (Discus Thrower) Dianora Niccolini
Untitled (Male Nude with Hoop) Dianora Niccolini
Untitled (Male Swimmer) Dianora Niccolini
Male Chest Dianora Niccolini
Ballet Dancer Dianora Niccolini
Road in Autumn Forsyth, William J.
Windblown Trees George H. Baker
Bust of Menelaus Julia G. Sharpe
hunting horn

May 20, 2011