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Welcome to IMA Dashboard, an ongoing effort to measure various aspects of the Museum's performance. We welcome your comments on our progress in serving the IMA's mission. To navigate the Dashboard in particular areas, the tabs at the top of the screen drop down to allow for more detail. The goal of the Dashboard is to seek to quantify and report out on areas of activity of general interest to museum observers and to particular interest to museum studies specialists, colleagues, and patrons.

Energy Consumption

KWH per day

Energy Consumption

The IMA’s average daily energy consumption for December 2008.

The IMA's operations staff is committed to consistently meeting the stringent temperature and humidity requirements within the Museum while, at the same time, conserving energy. Through an intense review of operating protocols and with a focus upon conservation, the staff has reduced average monthly electricity and natural gas usage by over 45 percent since the beginning of 2006. In fact, energy usage, when compared to the same month from a year earlier, has dropped for 27 of the last 31 months. The lower energy requirement has resulted in reduced greenhouse gas emissions of more than 7,800 tons of CO2 since the beginning of 2006.

Electricity consumption and natural gas usage are the two factors combined to determine the IMA's total campus energy demand. This statistic differs from average daily electrical consumption which only includes electricity use. These numbers and trends are tracked by the staff of the IMA’s Chief Operating Officer.

Indianapolis Power & Light Company
Chicago Climate Exchange
Energy Star
Sustainability at the IMA Fact Sheet

Jan 27, 2009